Modell - MS Detail


  • A newely developed height adjustment with spindle guide and extended guide sleeves make it possible to raise and lower the motor very precisely using a hand crank.The double chain drive allows raising and lowering without wedging
  • The swivel head can be located in any position between 45° and 90°
  • The swivel head is not located on the side, but instead above the machine to eliminate the danger of tipping


Technical details

  • Motor 2,9 KW, 400 V, 2.800 rpm
  • Specialswitch with undervoltage release and 3m cable with a plug
  • a proven circulation pump (approx. 40W) provides sawblade cooling
  • Possibility of mounting 4 sidetables
  • max. space between table and underside of motor approx. 145 mm
  • cutting depht approx. 60 mm with 250 mm dia wheel
    cutting depht approx. 80 mm with 300 mm dia wheel
    cutting depht approx. 100 mm with 350 mm dia wheel


Dimensions and weight

approx. cutting length (cm) 200 250
approx. dimensions (cm) 275 x 87 x 74 325 x 87 x 74
approx. weight (kg) 270 350