Modell - CUT Detail

The other types of cutters have been developed from the basic design of this machine, which has proven itself in more than 2 decades of use. This is a very strong, durable machine for those who do not require the swiveling unit.

  • high stability by a low weight makes the machine right for severe building suite conditions
  • with 12 ball bearings mounted in a 'V'-configuration, the rail is 'gripped', so there is no breaking out and fluttering with very high cutting precision
  • thanks to its compact design, small dimensions and folding legs, the machine can be easily transported and used in virtually any situation
  • the running head is not located on the side, but instead above the machine to eliminate the danger of tipping

Technical details

  • Motor 2 / 2.2 KW, 230V, Drehzahl 2.800 Upm or
  • Motor 2.9 KW, 400V, 2.800 rpm
  • Specialswitch with undervoltage release and 3m cable with a plug
  • a proven circulation pump (approx. 40W) provides sawblade cooling
  • max. space between table and underside of motor approx. 125 mm
  • cutting depht approx. 60 mm with 250 mm dia wheelmit Scheibe 250 mm Ø ca. 60 mm
    cutting depht approx. 80 mm with 300 mm dia wheelmit Scheibe 300 mm Ø ca. 80 mm
    cutting depht approx. 100 mm with 350 mm dia wheel mit Scheibe 350mm Ø ca. 100mm
  • strong rails 40mm x 40mm



Dimensions and weight

approx. cutting length (cm) 60 80 100
approx dimensions (cm) 95 x 50 x 50 115 x 50 x 50 135 x 55 x 52
approx.weight (kg) 74 82 92